Thursday, March 17, 2011

Golden Rule of Authenticity: Telling the Truth with Humility!

I believe people who know me would say I am a passionate guy.  I care deeply about my friends, my family, my career, and my spirituality.  I’m also keenly interested in education, and the arts.

I push myself, to learn new things, every single day.  I do what I can to help myself become a stronger and better person.  Perhaps most importantly, my personal growth and success is nurtured by strong relationships, with other caring people, who are willing to share  their open and honest opinions with me.

Golden Rule of Authenticity

I firmly believe that in order to optimize the value of relationships an individual must be willing to drop their protective shield, and communicate with relentless authenticity.  As the saying goes “you get what you give.” The payoff, for being transparent, is you will ideally receive a similar response in return.  I call this the Golden Rule of Authenticity!

At a very early age my parents taught me the value of always being honest and truthful with other people.  They instilled in me the importance of treating others with respect and to “care like I mean it.”  They lived their lives that way so it was an easy sell.  By walking the talk, they set an example that resonated with me, and I have since embraced these values in my approach towards life.

Telling the Truth With Humility

Lately I have been thinking a lot about honesty and transparency, and their role in building or sustaining relationships.  I am a “cut to the chase” kind of guy.  I tell people what I truly believe, even when I know they sometimes may not like what they are going to hear, because I care.  I refer to this level of communications, when seeded with good intentions, as “telling the truth with humility.”

“True humility is intelligent self respect which keeps us from thinking too highly or too meanly of ourselves. It makes us modest by reminding us how far we have come short of what we can be.” — Ralph W. Sockman

To those people with whom I have deep connections, I push them as hard, as I do myself.  I challenge them to be better, to grow, to become stronger and do fabulous things with their lives.  I do whatever I can to help them.  And… I hope for the same in return.  I want people to be square with me.  I wanna know when I could do (or handle) something better.  In my mind life is too short to waste time worrying about being politically correct.

Not surprisingly, some people interpret this level of relentless authenticity as arrogance, or insensitivity.  Remarkably, these same individuals believe delivering a message to someone offering constructively critical feedback is inappropriate, unproductive, or malicious.  In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth.  What do you think?

Question:  In your world how do you perceive your relationships?  What is your approach for strengthening your personal connections? I would love to hear your thoughts :)


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