Monday, September 7, 2009

Facebook Funnies — Some Labor Day Fun! :)

One of the things I love about Facebook are the funny and crazy spontaneous things my friends say on there.  Half the fun is not knowing what is coming.. and then sometimes I am not really sure what the messages mean, so I just use some creativity to interpret them.  This usually leads to some humorous moments.  This past week I assembled some of the funniest Facebook posts I’ve seen this week…. just for you!  With each quote my comments are in blue font.  Enjoy!

Midori Connolly

Midori Connolly

“Midori Connolly” is thinking 80 degrees is finally cool enough to go hit a few buckets…I am glad to know there is a correct temperature for justifying beating on buckets… Midori, I guess buckets are not your friend?

“Mitch Fielder” —  I was just thinking, what an awesome station on Pandora, it knows me well. Then I realized I was playing one of my playlists on my iPodOMG, I thought I was the only one that has done this…. what a moment it is when you discover the insanity in this situation!  Mitch, I guess your iPod knows you better than you know it!

“Alicia Babcock” —  can’t believe she’s been in her apt almost a year already.  Alicia, baby, you really must get out more often… What could a person possibly do in their apartment for a whole year? … that is some serious “reflection time.”

“Katie ‘Mishler’ Sturznickel” — If anybody sees me at the airport today, just act like you don’t see me. I don’t have the energy to talk to anyone and I look like hell! Oi!!! You have to meet this lovely lady to see the humor in this comment… she is gorgeous and full of life… My question to you Katie is which Goblin got ya?

Katie 'Mishler' Sturznickel

Katie 'Mishler' Sturznickel

“Michelle McCurry” —-> “Patricia Bauer” — Ok the cats are fine we got them a baby gate to keep the dogs separate!  Thank god the cats have those dogs under control… those damn dogs just can’t seem to get along with each other.  As for Michelle & Patti… control is not in their nature :)

“Joyce Paschall” —  Must find the source of that odd chirping sound in the kitchen. Not like any cricket I’ve heard before but not mechanical enough for a phone or other gizmo. Oddly intermittent. WHAT IS IT?? Yes, it’s late but no, I am not hallucinating! Take Me To Your Leader… Hmmm … Could it be big brother or is something in the water? … hang in there Joyce … it’s gonna be ok!

“Christine Haiku” —  is mourning the loss of Mr. Rogers. Okay…so, rumor has it he died in 2003…but I just found out now…and it’s a little like finding out Santa wasn’t real.  LOL, don’t they have a news station up there in Wisconsin somewhere, Christine?? … Let’s sing the wake-up song together … Please won’t you be my neighbor!

“Jody Krawitz Egel” is in love with my new steam cleaner!!  Congratulations Jody, I am glad to see you have found romance … just hope you’re not getting sucked up by all this!!

Jody -- A bad hair day?? Nahhhhhhhh!

Jody -- A bad hair day?? Nahhhhhhhh!

“Kristie Chang” is dancing with a man in a coconut bra.  HaHa… So who is wearing the bra, Kristie, or the man???  What is the happy occasion… and most importantly what else were you wearing with it? These are just some of my questions.

“Jennifer Haire” — Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.  OMG, Jennifer what are you gonna do…???  All of us have been here…. Jennifer you’ve finally made it …  to the place where mistakes  happen.. LOL

“Allison Versman” —  Leaving Beaver Creek…after Super Diamond, and some lady is barfing on the bus! Awesome! Nothing like a little altitude sickness to get  your blood (and vomit) flowing… Alli, hope you were upwind to that happy occasion.

“Jody Krawitz Egel” —  got my hair chopped off! It seems to take my hair a few days to cooperate….almost like it’s in denial about what has happened. So, this morning I had to talk to my hair while I was doing it.  God bless ya babe… I like a woman that is logical about handling conflict… a woman that can talk anything through…. way to go Jody, and you win the prize…. you were featured twice!!!  😀

Do you have a funny Facebook Post to share??  We all need more laughter in our lives… Please share with us!

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Jody Egel September 17, 2009 at 9:24 am

Hilarious! Thanks Mike!


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