Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Life Leadership Engine — Are All Your Cylinders Firing?

Michael McCurry

I am the proud owner of a 1997 Ford F150 SuperCab Pickup truck!  I have owned this awesome vehicle for more than ten years and it has taken me to some exciting places.

Recently I was forced to have some repair work done on it.  Among other things the engine was misfiring, which in layman’s terms means not all cylinders were functioning.  By nature, an engine is a well lubricated machine which functions best, and most efficiently, when all cylinders are firing.  When it is not working properly it may still arrive at its destination, but it will be a struggle.  To fix it, you make adjustments, or repairs, to your engine’s system.Lifes engine motor

So, where am I going with this…??

Our lives work much the same way as an engine.  When all components (of our lives) are functioning properly we arrive at our goals, or destination more efficiently and pleasantly.  When something malfunctions, we may not reach our goals, or at the very least there is a delay in getting there.  This creates turmoil and distraction, or lost focus.

So, here are three ways to approach life’s challenges, or misfires:

  • Approach #1 — ignore them, and just keep pushing on.  For the time being we may still function but eventually our life system experiences a major malfunction, potentially resulting in a complete shutdown.  In essence the engine (our life) blows up.
  • Approach #2 — react to the challenges as they occur and make the necessary repairs, or adjustments to our life components.  This is better than the first approach because although we have misfires they are fixed and we continue on with our lives… the engine keeps running.  In essence things remain status quo.
  • Approach #3 — develop a preventive maintenance program where we proactively make adjustments, or tweaks, to the way we conduct our lives.  Along the way we look for performance parts, or enhancements, to enrich our life experience.  In doing so, our life engine rarely malfunctions, and in fact we increase its horsepower over time.

How are you living your life?  Which approach are you using?  If its approach #1 or 2 you may want to consider making some changes.  You just might find your life engine is capable of taking you places you never imagined!

Do you have an idea or approach you have utilized in managing your life that works well? If so please share it with us!

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