Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Sensible Tips For Growing Your Twitter Account!

As an active Twitter User I have found my experience evolving week to week.  I have spent considerable time contemplating the best approach to growing my Twitter account.   I am not only interested in building a follower base, but also figuring out which users to follow?

twitter-counterOften I hear other Twitter users say “its not about quantity, its about quality” in regards to growth of followers/following.  I personally believe it’s bothIts about quality, with quantity……   Here’s why:

  • Quantity — Twitter is about developing “reach” or growing my sphere of influence.  The more followers I have, the greater the impact of my tweets and message.  To acquire followers I must follow other people …. so the math speaks for itself.
  • Quality — Twitter is also about learning new things, acquiring meaningful or interesting information which I can in turn share with my followers.  To accomplish this I should follow people that post quality tweets consistently.  This keeps information flowing!

There are as probably as many systems for building a twitter account as there are twitter users, but here is my formula for success:

Who to follow:

  1. Someone with similar interests – the bio may not match up exactly, but if someone writes one that catches my interest I will definitely consider following them.
  2. Follower/following ratio – a matter of personal preference but very important to me.  I do not want to be reading tweets from spammers.  So I avoid users having a significantly higher number of users followed than followers.  For example if someone has 5oo followers but is following 2000 users, I will most likely pass them up.
  3. # of Updates – I am interested in people that are communicators.  I follow people that actively, consistently post tweets.  If a user’s total number of tweets (updates) is significantly less than their # of followers then I bypass them.  For example if a user has 3000 followers, but has only posted a total of 25 tweets they are off my list.
  4. User Picture – This has been a challenge on Twitter recently as many users have not been able to upload a profile picture due to tech issues.  So, at least temporarily, I will follow a user without a picture, as long as all the other factors are right.  However, if their picture has a “salesish or pushy” feel to it, I avoid those users.  As an example a picture featuring stacks of money is a turnoff!
  5. User Name – This is something I analyze as well.  A user name may reveal their intentions, or focus on twitter.  Since I am interested in collaboration, not listening to a sales pitch I stay away from users whose perceived priority is to promote their services or products.
  6. Reviewing Tweets – Finally I read a sampling of a users’ tweets.  If I see a significant number of sales pitches, or MLM focus, (i.e. the infamous “get 16000 followers in 30 days”) I pass up these users.

I recognize everyone has a different focus and different priorities for their twitter experience.  Some of my “hot button” issues may not concern other twitter members, and that’s ok… I get it!

What are some techniques you use to build your twitter account?  If you have an innovative idea or approach please share it!

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