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How Do You Define Life Balance?


My Daughter Michelle

Michael & I

Michael & I

Throughout my adulthood I have searched for the right formula for balancing my personal and business lives.  First and foremost I am passionate about my family, friends, loved ones and personal hobbies. (ie motorcycles, songwriting, music and sports)   I am the proud father of two wonderful adult children, Michelle (25) and Michael (24).  They are my greatest priority in life and mean everything to me.

I am also fully engaged in my 24 year career as a Meetings and Events Professional with Experient. Professional responsibility sometimes necessitates working extended hours, or weekends.  After adding 70-80 days of business travel per year, volunteerism in PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) as the Greater Midwest Chapter President and frequent miscellaneous evening industry events to my schedule one could conclude my life is nuts!!

Life Scale

I am a “classic baby boomer” and was raised in a structured, disciplined environment.  My parents believed there should be a clear distinction between family/personal life and career.

From time to time I have been haunted by self guilt generated by my failing to remain consistent with my upbringing.   Reality is my life is anything but structured and I do not subscribe to a disciplined routine.

So, the question is how does a person properly balance their life?  What routine is or isn’t appropriate in today’s world?  Are these issues in your life?  Lets explore some thoughts on these questions together!

A while back I attended a PCMA Seminar addressing the issue of Life Balance, led by professional speaker, Cindy Novotny.  Cindy is the author of a must-have book entitled “Living with No Balance and Loving It.” In addition to being one of the nicest people you will ever meet, she is really a remarkable speaker, with a great sense of humor.  Cindy’s presentation was enlightening and awakened me to a “soul searching” process.  The following is what I discovered through that analysis:

  • Follow Your Own Formula For SuccessDon’t get distracted by other people’s opinions of your routine.  Everyone is different.  Find your own synergy for living your life and follow it with integrity.
  • Listen To Your HeartThere is no better compass to guide your life than your conscience.  (Unless you are a serial killer!)  If your instincts tell you a decision is the right one, it probably is!  Recently a friend of mine shared an anonymous quote with me that hit home — “When we have done our best, we can await the results in peace.” How true is that statement?
  • Own your ActionsThe consequences of following your own lifestyle formula are accepting responsibility for your actions.  Its ok to make mistakes — we are all human and the best of intentions sometimes lead us down the wrong path!  Its when we make the same errors repeatedly that get  us into trouble.  (I have been there for sure)
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy!Ever wonder why some people are cheerful all the time, whether they are working, or playing?  Well, most likely it is because they are happy with all components of their life.  If there is a piece of your life that is bringing you down, then perhaps you need to consider making some changes, or adjustments to rightsize yourself.

My question to you is what are you doing in your life experience to create balance?  Is there a technique or concept you are using to sort things out?  Please share with us!!

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